Partner, Planning & Implementation

[The complete text of this position description, with contact information, can be downloaded in this PDF.]

Experienced Partner in Nonprofit Strategic Planning & Implementation

Ars Hermeneutica, a nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation, seeks an experienced partner for strategic planning and implementation. We need to define a strategy and build an organization to reach the next plateau toward our goal of increasing science literacy.

The process at hand should be familiar: identify directions and priorities, assess strengths, refine and articulate the vision, define intermediate goals, develop plans to reach those goals, and then begin implementing them. We will create plans for organizational growth and coordinate them with plans for expanding current projects and initiating new projects. Obtaining funding to implement plans and projects, including salaried staff, is a necessary component. Consequently, this position will be volunteer to start.

The partner will bring intellectual diversity and vitality to the company. The partner may be a scientist or non-scientist, but will be comfortable working with scientists and will appreciate the value of science to society. This position is a creative partnership with one other person who has, until now, been the sole leader of a small group of volunteers in several projects. The job description is whatever is required, the responsibilities whatever is needed. Skills and personality that compliment those of the current scientist/thinking president will be valuable. Together we will define what needs to be done and translate that into prioritized tasks and projects. The partner will have a sense of adventure and confidence in finding ideas and solutions to meet unknown situations.

We welcome the interest of retired professionals. The company is centered in Bowie, Maryland, but we have a commitment to creating a geographically diversified organization. Physical proximity may be desirable, but more important is an ability and willingness to collaborate and communicate using a variety of the modern tools that technology provides.

Ars Hermeneutica, Limited, <>, is a nonprofit science-education and research corporation whose vision is increasing science literacy in America. We are incorporated, registered in the state of Maryland, and have obtained recognition of 501(c)(3) tax exempt status from the IRS. Education, science, and communication professionals constitute our board of directors.

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