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Ars Hermeneutica, Limited is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, nonprofit corporation registered in the state of Maryland. All US contributions to Ars Hermeneutica are fully tax deductible as allowed by law.

This is an exciting time for Ars Hermeneutica. We’re still very young, still very small, and overflowing with good ideas. Every month seems to bring a new milestone, our overhead is tiny, and small gifts still have big effects in moving us closer to realizing our vision of a scientifically literate America.

Contact us with your thoughts or questions.

A Note About Credit-Card Fees: Organizations that accept credit-card donations on our behalf charge us small processing fees. We invite you to use whichever service is more convenient for you, but you might like to know how to give with your credit card and minimize the fee.

  • Google Checkout currently charges no fees
  • AmEx GivingExpress charges 2.5% (AmEx cards only)
  • Network for Good’s fees (4.75%) are less than PayPal for donations less than $16
  • PayPal’s fees ($0.30 + 2.9%) are less than Network for Good for donations larger than $16

Online Contribution with Google Checkout


Contribute easily and instantly with Google Checkout, using your account and the box at right — just fill in the amount, click, and go!

If you’re new to Google checkout, creating an account is fast and you can use the same account with all Google Checkout merchants.

Online Contribution with Network for Good

Network for Good is a nonprofit organization that provides fund-raising services to other nonprofit organizations, like Ars Hermeneutica. Clicking on the tablet at the left whisks you to the Ars Hermeneutica page at Network for Good, where you can use your credit card to make a one-time donation or set up a recurring contribution.

Online Contribution with PayPal

Use your credit card and contribute immediately to Ars Hermeneutica online through PayPal’s secure servers. Just click on the button at left. You do not need to have a PayPal account. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover are accepted.

Online through AmEx GivingExpress

If you are an American Express member, you can use your card online to make a monetary donation, or you can donate AmEx Membership Rewards points. You might even get Bonus points for donating! Give to Ars Hermeneutica through this link.

By Check

A check or money order, payable to “Ars Hermeneutica” (US funds only, please), may be mailed to

Ars Hermeneutica, Limited
6505 Alexis Drive
Bowie, MD 20720-4760

Matching Gifts

If your employer has a matching gift program, your could double, or in some cases triple, your donation to Ars Hermeneutica.

Verizon Employees: Volunteer 50 hours or more each year to Ars Hermeneutica and earn a $750 grant to Ars through the Verizon Foundations’s Volunteer Incentive Program.

Search the Web

Every time you search the web using GoodSearch and specify Ars Hermeneutica as your designated nonprofit, we get a penny, they get a penny, and you get free results from the Yahoo! search engine.

Give Books to Ars

It’s no secret around here that we cherish books as a great way to spread knowledge and wisdom. Send us a book or two from our lengthy Wish List at Powell’s City of Books, deduct the cost of the books, and they’ll become part of Ars’ permanent library. (Use the address given above in “by mail” for our shipping address.)

Buy Ars Stuff

If you want to show off your associate with Ars Hermeneutica and help us spread our message, you might considering buying some stuff decorated with the Ars logo from the Ars Hermeneutica shop at CafePress. Like this elegant mug, for instance. Of each item’s purchase price, $3 is a tax-deductible contribution to Ars.

Buy Stuff for Yourself

Ars Hermeneutica is a recognized charity at Giveline, where you can shop for books, movies, music, video games, electronics, and other stuff and Ars Hermeneutica gets a contribution from your purchase. Use this link and Ars Hermeneutica is preselected as your charity of choice.

In-Kind Contributions

We are a young & growing organization with many needs. In-kind contributions of tangible goods like office supplies, computer equipment, electronics, &c., might serve us well and is still tax deductible for you. Please contact us to discuss your possible gift.

Give Stock

A gift of stock can give you added tax benefits: in addition to your deductible charitable donation, you can avoid paying capital gains tax on the the appreciated value of your securities. Your tax advisor can provide more information.

Corporate Sponsorship

We have education projects in the pipeline that are perfect for corporate sponsorship, both small and large. Contact us and we can discuss possibilities.

Network for Ars

Someone you know wants to know about our projects and our goals. Help us get together.